Announcing - New Alchemists!

We have been bursting with excitement to announce this news!

This week Massive Equipment Rental and Sales Ltd purchased Table Alchemy, the Cayman Islands leading purveyor of perfectly curated tablescape rentals.

We, the new alchemists at Massive, are so honoured that the previous owners have entrusted this gorgeously stylish company and it's product line to Massive Equipment, and, even though there has been a change in ownership, if you've used the services of Table Alchemy in the past be assured that things will be staying the same in the way the product is offered and all of the details that go with it.  We are now able to seamlessly offer a wider range of rental items to complete the dinner, event, party or celebration that you came to Table Alchemy for.

Really, the only change if you've been a regular client is that the USA number has been suspended and the Cayman number has changed to 345-938-7411. But don't worry, the previous Cayman number will be forwarded to our new number into the new year.

We thank the previous owners for curating this wonderful collection of looks, and appreciate the trust placed in us to ensure that it continues to develop and expand into new looks and products not previously available through Massive Equipment Rental.

Give us a call on the new Table Alchemy number, 938-7411, or at through Massive on 949-7990 (and ask for our events team of new alchemists) for more information or to see the products in person.